All-In-One Migration

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Looking for the best word press website back up solution? Then you should take a look at All-in-One WP Migration. There are many different backup solutions for WordPress; most of them are mature and reliable, but here’s why I now use All-in-One WP Migration.

I used BackupBuddy for years, but it required me to upload a backup file via FTP to the target environment and then run the import wizard. With All-in-One, I can upload my .wpress file(the backup) to an existing website. The plugin will overwrite the current website content and database. The migration process is much simpler and faster since you don’t need to worry about setting up databases or uploading files via FTP.

I appreciate how robust All-in-One WP Migration is. For example, I recently migrated a 1.5 GB website, and there were no timeouts, database, or URL redirects issues.

The free version supports up to 128 MB website migrations, and the premium version that I use removes that limitation.

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