Proactive Communication

Proactive communication

I have a quick confession – I hate working with building contractors. In my experience of getting some flood damage fixed, I’ve dealt with l contractors missing deadlines, frequent lateness, little to no proactive client communication on the progress, etc. I’ve had to become my own project manager to ensure I knew all the steps […]

Enable Success with a Kickoff Meeting

Kickoff Meeting

The start of the first project with a new client can feel like a blind date. Everyone is tribal, and no one wants to let their guard down. Kickoff meetings are the icebreaker that should get all assumptions out of the way and open the door for stakeholders to become team members.  These meetings should […]

Things To Do Before Building Your Own Website

There are numerous things you really want to learn before building your own site.  It’s almost cliche to say every business needs a website. Unless you have significant brand recognition, you have a trust defect with your potential customers. More established competitors in search results may even have paid ad campaigns, and you need something […]

Working Effectively As A Distributed Team

working effectively as a remote team

A type of magic happens when a group of intelligent, creative and innovative people are placed in a room to solve a problem. For example, every agency employs a war room dedicated to developing a new pitch or marketing campaign. Anyone in the distributed team can contribute ideas, references, and questions, etc. Close collaboration leads […]

What To Do When A WordPress Plugin Dies?

It goes without saying that we should all be using actively supported software, especially for mission-critical tasks. For any number of reasons that formerly dependable plugin (assuming WordPress) has reached its end of life. Typical examples are:  – The developer can no longer maintain their passion project.  – The plugin is unprofitable   – The plugin […]

Content vs Functionality Site Updates

website content vs functionality

Some website updates are simple – involving only a limited number of edits, while other modifications are technical in focus. The agency should communicate a release plan to the client in either scenario to set the proper expectations in content optimization.  Content vs. Functionality If a request consists of editing copy, updating images, etc., it’s […]

Choosing between buying or bulding a WordPress theme

WordPress theme

  Looking back on recent WordPress projects, they fall into two tiers – fully custom sites vs. customizing a premium theme—the similarities in wording masks two vastly different ways of building a website. WordPress customizing a theme is attractive for those with smaller budgets because you get a fully realized site for around $59. However, […]



This summer, we recommitted to wireframing websites before working on mockups or building prototypes. There were a few reasons we drifted away from wireframing, but one of the main reasons was lower costs. Effective wireframing takes time, and that means billable hours or an increase in the project estimate. Why Wireframe? The lack of wireframing […]

How To Find WordPress Plugins?

In my opinion, plugins are what make WordPress the most popular cms on the web. If you can imagine a business process needed for a website, there is probably a plugin. WordPress Plugins ensure the strong cohesion of web resources and the various media channels that allows WordPress web pages to be more interactive as […]