Branding Package

A branding package is essential for any business looking to make a statement. Your brand is what customers think of when they see your company name—it’s your promise to provide them with quality products or services.

A branding package includes all the digital and physical assets you created to define and represent your brand image. This might include logos, color schemes, taglines, fonts, websites, social media accounts, email templates, etc..

Logo Design

Logo and brand design go hand-in-hand because a logo is a fundamental element of visual brand identity. Eflat’s branding packages include logo creation as one of their main services.

Brand Colors

If you are in the process of launching a company or haven’t established your brand colors yet, consider adding this option to your branding kit. The colors you select for your palette can greatly impact how people see and perceive your brand.



When sending many email attachments or using direct mail marketing, having a customized letterhead will make your message more memorable and increase response rates.

Style Guides

A style guide is a document that contains all the rules and specifications related to your brand. It typically includes your company’s mission, vision, core values, voice, logo, typography, and principles.

Style guides can be helpful for marketers, graphic designers, web developers, sales team members, and anyone else who needs to present a cohesive view of your brand to potential customers.

Recent Branding Projects

What does our branding package design include?

Final Files Delivered:

  • All logos in color, black, and white (JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS)
  • High-res, print-ready PDF file of business card design
  • Detailed Brand Guidelines PDF
  • Patterns and/or textures in high-res format

Branding Package Questions

A typical branding package will include a logo that’s been customized to your preference, business cards and letterhead.

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It’s important to have a great brand for your business – it can help everything from initial startup costs to ongoing updates and development. A poor brand, on the other hand, can hurt everything. Business owners should expect to spend anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000 on initial branding efforts, with additional funds needed for ongoing upkeep.