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Canva free template

If you use Canva and are frustrated by the limitations of free templates and are not considering upgrading to premium for better options. We want to share some designs that have served us well.

Our in-house design team has created these free Canva templates for internal marketing projects. Whether learning new design techniques or exploring product ideas, you can use these templates to help you get started.

These Canva templates are completely free for you to use. We ask that you fill out a simple form with your name and email address so we can notify you when we release additional templates for your team.

We have a new release – a social media pack for conferences called ‘Regroup Conference.’ This kit is designed to showcase speakers, headliners, schedules, and other important details related to an event or conference. We noticed a lack of high-quality designs related to conference themes, so we decided to create something better.

The kit primarily focuses on social media and includes features such as pulse, countdown, quotables, and more to highlight speakers and create excitement for the event.

We have been exploring different options for creating a page layout. You can use a website builder like Canv, which is very user-friendly, or if you have design skills, you can create a custom HTML version using WordPress.

This website layout will be coming soon.

Additionally, we have a skilled team available to help if you need assistance.

We kindly request that you provide feedback on our work, such as styles and colors. Additionally, if you have any ideas for templates that can be used, you are welcome to share them with us.

However, please do not resell or bundle them into commercial products. These templates are intended for students and small business owners to use in their daily online and print activities.

You can use them as your creations, but please do not sell them. We would also love to see any designs you create using these templates, and we will be happy to showcase them on social media.

Get access to the template below.

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