Designing for a Cause: The Power of Nonprofit Website Design

Nonprofit website design digitally represent a nonprofit’s online presence and an organization’s values, mission, and goals. These websites are crucial in creating a strong online presence for nonprofits, enhancing their visibility, and engaging potential donors and volunteers. A well-designed nonprofit website is critical for the success of any charitable organization. In today’s digital age, people […]

Website Maintenance Checklist

website maintenance checklist

Do you feel overwhelmed when it comes to maintaining your website? It’s a common challenge for even the most experienced marketers and website owners. Website maintenance isn’t usually something that anyone looks forward to – but believe it or not, there are dozens of advantages associated with keeping your site up-to-date. From avoiding unnecessary errors […]

Church Online Platform: How to Connect with Your Congregation from Anywhere

church online platform

Church leaders always seek ways to connect with their congregation and the Church Online Platform from Life.Church can make that possible. With this platform, church leaders can deliver sermons, create events, and connect with parishioners online anywhere. This blog post will discuss the Church Online Platform’s benefits and how it can help your congregation stay […]

The Best Church Livestream Options in 2021

It’s been fascinating to see how church livestream options have grown in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The goal of this article is to provide ministry leaders with an overview of the leading church live stream options in 2021 and beyond. Zoom Of course, I need to mention Zoom, which has seemingly taken over the […]


As the Covid19 lockdowns started taking effect in early March, the requests for Eflat. to put up closure notices on websites increased. We first thought about using Monarch to create pop-ups but decided against this approach. We wanted the alert to be visible, but not annoying and easy to update. Instead, we found another solution. Icegram […]

All-In-One Migration

Looking for the best word press website back up solution? Then you should take a look at All-in-One WP Migration. There are many different backup solutions for WordPress; most of them are mature and reliable, but here’s why I now use All-in-One WP Migration. I used BackupBuddy for years, but it required me to upload a […]

Give WP

Covid-19 has decimated the revenue gathered by churches and non-profits. An easy-to-use yet robust donation tool could mean the difference between keeping your budget intact instead of reducing expenses. GiveWP is one the best donation plug-ins for WordPress – it allows you to create customizable donation forms, provide tax-deductible receipts, generate income reports to start. […]

Church Platform: A Better Online Worship Experience With Church Online Platform

online church

I’ve tried many church platforms and I hate using the term game-changer, but how else can I describe a tool that lets churches create worship services around the standard live stream and simulated live streams? Instead of the passive, one-way experience you get with most live streams,  Church Online Platform empowers ministry leaders to have […]

How To Protect Your Website From Hackers

In the last month I’ve had several conversations with individuals who’ve had their WordPress sites hacked and the cost in time and money to restore their sites. Here are a few of the tips I provided to them so their misfortune does not happen to you.  1. Invest in a WordPress security product such as Wordfence, or IThemes Security. […]

How To Create Website Content Yourself

It’s tempting to look at the website of a trendsetting brand and want the same offerings for your site. Before you go down that path stop and ask yourself the following questions:Would this work for my brand?What will it take for me to implement something similar? Ask your existing customers and partners if there are […]