What is WordPress and Why is it the Best Choice for Your Website?

what is wordpress

Are you wondering what is WordPress and why it’s become so popular? If you’re interested in building a website, chances are you’ve heard of WordPress. Essentially, a content management system (CMS) makes creating and managing website content easy. But let’s take a closer look at what exactly WordPress is. What is WordPress, and why is […]

WordPress vs Squarespace: A Detailed Comparison

wordpress vs squarespace

WordPress vs Squarespace is a common comparison of two of the most popular website-building platforms available today. WordPress is an open-source content management system, meaning anyone can use its code to create and customize a website. On the other hand, Squarespace is a proprietary website builder that offers beginner-friendly features and design templates. This blog […]

Discover the Power of Web Tools For Design Projects

web tools

What is meant by Web tools? Webtools allows you to create content on the site without coding, knowledge, or programming. The Eflat team has come to depend on several web tools for every client’s website design project. These powerful web tools enable us to streamline our Figma to WordPress workflows, creating faster and more efficient results for […]

Streamlining Your Workflow: How to Use Adobe XD in Conjunction with WordPress

Streamlining Your Workflow: How to Use Adobe XD in Conjunction with WordPress Creating a fully functional WordPress site can be overwhelming for a web designer or developer. The ability to create a beautiful design that is both responsive and consistent is important. Enter Adobe XD, a design tool that can help streamline your workflow and […]

Everything You Need to Know About Flatsome: A WordPress Theme Review

flatsome theme

For WordPress e-commerce themes, there is no lack of choices. However, Flatsome has been around for several years and has gathered extensive support from business owners and developers. Its success speaks to its reliability and user-friendliness in setting up an online store. Three years ago, I purchased Flatsome for a redesign project and since then, […]

Discover the Perfect WordPress Theme with What WordPress Theme Is That?


Ever stumble across a breathtaking website and wonder if WordPress powers it? There’s an easy way to find out: use What WordPress Theme Is That? With this service, you can rest assured that the answer is just a few clicks away. This website is the ultimate resource for WordPress-using websites. After you enter a URL, […]