Chisholm Trail Academy


Chisholm Trail Academy


07 June 2020

Project brief

Chisholm Trail Academy (CTA) is a private, Christian college prep school located in Keene, Texas. CTA needed to overhaul its existing website to serve students, parents, and alumni better. While the site was mobile optimized, it did not use the CTA style guide or the rich library of school photography.

Our team spent several weeks doing a comprehensive asset audit of CTA’s marketing materials, asset libraries, webpages to develop the feature and functionality matrix – our custom roadmap for the site’s development.

After receiving CTA’s approval on the functionality matrix, we created a fully functional prototype (no colors or photos) to test usability on various devices. This process allowed us to gain valuable insights into how the CTA staff navigated the website. The lessons learned from the prototype allowed our designers to create two design variations of the new site with a high degree of confidence. The final design ended up as a hybrid of the two approaches, and we quickly implemented the mockups onto the existing prototype.

In parallel to the design work, we began to migrate content from the legacy site, while revising copy to the newest brand standards. Before wrapping development, we were able to provide several notable enhancements:

  • A donation system that allows for recurring giving and robust reporting tools for staff.
  • Google Calendar feeds so parents and students can keep track of school events.
  • The tuition and fee chart provides parents with price comparisons and tuition breakdowns.
  • Lead generation tools collect data on prospective students allowing the admissions staff to follow up with parents.



  • Funding goals have been met.
  • Increase in site and conversions from search.
  • Online donations are another pillar in giving to the school.

Scope of works