Church Platform: A Better Online Worship Experience With Church Online Platform

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I’ve tried many church platforms and I hate using the term game-changer, but how else can I describe a tool that lets churches create worship services around the standard live stream and simulated live streams? Instead of the passive, one-way experience you get with most live streams,  Church Online Platform empowers ministry leaders to have a communal experience through group chats, 1:1 prayers, and customized call to actions.

I love how it removes the technology requirements from worship; the congregation shows up at the link you provide instead of worrying about juggling among YouTube Live, Zoom, Facebook, etc.

That’s right. The lobby just looks different. No matter where people gather, in church buildings or online, the same opportunities for ministry still exist. People still need relational connection. They still need prayer. They still need someone to support them through difficult seasons, encourage them through seasons of growth, and celebrate with them at the mountaintop moments. A Life.Church Online, we create an online space where people feel welcome. We have greeters, we have people available for one-on-one prayer, and we offer community to those looking for a place to belong. Even though the method might be different, our calling is still the same.

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