Design Services

Eflat’s design services are the perfect complement to our development offerings. We work alongside your digital strategists to understand the business goals and then conduct an intense round of discovery before touching any design tools.

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What Sets Us Apart

Design Services

Our prices are competitive and leave room for agency owners to make a profit.

Our creative director will work alongside your strategy team to ensure the project goals and creativity are aligned.

At the beginning of each project, we will create a timeline with tasks, deliverables, and check-ins to ensure we deliver on time.

Our Process

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Planning Stage

We begin every project with the discovery phase. The discovery phase is usually one week in length. At this point, we have received documentation, images, and links from the client and will begin a thorough review to determine what content is needed during the build and what content will be removed from the site if it exists.

At the end of the discovery phase, we present a comprehensive list of pages, URLs, and a feature matrix that provides a write-up of all of the functionality in the new website..

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Design Stage

Next, in the design phase, we create wireframe designs of the necessary page templates.

Finally, we will create a functional prototype in WordPress in an expedited project and determine the pages and basic functionality.

In parallel, designers work with the client to translate existing brand guidelines into the first batch of mockups of the homepage and one other page template. We usually build two variants and present them to the client for feedback. 

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Once we understand the clients’ design preferences, we will create the front-end implementation on our prototype website.

As the designs are progressing, our development team begins adding advanced technologies, such as payment processing. Each week, we have a client review where we present the most recent updates to ensure transparency and work collaboratively.

Our Toolkit

Adobe XD
Google Slides
Gyazo Teams
Google Meet
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During the discovery phase with the strategy team, we put all relevant content into a Miro board. Then, we look for those hidden gems in marketing materials, client interviews, and site references.

Adobe XD

Despite some grumbling from the Photoshop diehards, our team has standardized around Adobe XD since it allows for efficiently reusable assets, artboards, and previewing options.

Gyazo Teams

We use Gyazo when we need to submit quick, precise feedback to a team member. We like it since it generates a sharable URL, and it can also create an animated Gif file.


Clickable prototypes transform static wireframes into near functional replicas of the website without actually developing in WordPress. As a result, we can identify UX issues early on and avoid development delays.


We love Loom since it allows us to create guided video walkthroughs of the project without the need for yet another meeting.


We often get asked how do we create the device renders for our project. The answer is Mockuups.