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The Eflat team has come to depend on several web tools for every website design project. These powerful tools enable us to streamline our Figma to WordPress workflows, creating faster and more efficient results for our clients.

From streamlining workflows to increasing productivity, web tools can provide a range of benefits for both businesses and individuals. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best web tools available today and how they can help you take your projects to the next level.

CSS Peeper Extension

CSS Peeper is a Chrome extension that helps web designers and developers quickly analyze websites and find information about design patterns on any webpage. With CSS Peeper, you can examine HTML elements, analyze color palettes, and check font families, sizes, weights, and spacing measurements. It also allows you to save your findings to refer to whenever needed.


Figma is an online design platform that revolutionizes how graphic designs can be created. It provides an intuitive environment where multiple people can easily collaborate on projects remotely in real-time. It offers advanced features such as layer styles and master components, allowing designers to replicate parts of their artwork quickly without duplicating each layer manually. And it works on Macs and PCs, meaning everyone involved has access regardless of their computer system.


RankMath is a powerful SEO tool that helps maximize organic traffic to websites by optimizing content for search engines ranking sites like Google or Bing. It covers all areas of optimization, such as meta descriptions, title tags or schema settings, with unparalleled accuracy. You can even import an entire blog post into RankMath via its personalized Post Editor, so you know it’s perfect before publishing it on the world wide web!

Window Resizer Extension

Window resizer is a browser extension that allows users to quickly resize window sizes on all web pages they visit — no coding required! This makes it incredibly convenient when designing or testing responsive layouts across multiple devices. It controls your website’s appearance when accessed from different platforms like iPhone or Android. So if you haven’t tried one, now would be a great time!

Page Ruler Extension

The Page Ruler extension is another fantastic tool for web developers who need more accurate size measurements for elements within their designs, such as container widths or margins between sections, etc… Using the page ruler allows for extreme precision, which ultimately results in higher quality outcomes – giving your visitors the most seamless experience possible! It also does away with using guesswork, so there should never be any second-guessing when developing website projects ever again!


Websites have become increasingly complex over the years; however, plenty of helpful tools are available now that make development much simpler than ever before – making life easier for professionals and everyday users too!

With the right combination of extensions or plugins, anyone could work smarter than harder thanks to these innovative technologies – saving valuable hours in the long run towards being productive indefinitely online!

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