General WordPress Development Standards

These WordPress development standards are the foundation for all proposals Eflat sends out, and they form the guidelines for the developers as they build out individual sites.

0 1 Fundamentals

We will:

  • Create your site on a password protected staging server.
  • Use the most recent version of WordPress at the project’s conception.
  • set all external links to target=”_blank”.
  • Disable search engines from indexing the in-development WordPress site.
  • Use client supplied fonts or a Google font alternative.

We will not:

  • Develop or test websites in Internet Explorer.
  • Perform SEO unless as part of an SEO agreement.
  • Style templates outside of the agreed scope.

0 2 Header and Footer

We will:

  • Link the logo to the homepage.
  • Use Elementor’s Header and Footer settings.

We will not:

0 3 Navigation

We will:

  • create all menus using Dashboard » Appearance » Menus drag-and-drop editing tool.
  • Use the Jet Menu plugin for advanced mega menus.

We will not:

  • add breadcrumbs unless specified in the design files.

0 4 Slider

We will:

  • by default use default Elementor blocks to create a slider
  • work with premium slider plugins (e.g. Jet Elements) if requested by Agency prior to development beginning.
  • put all text that overlays the slider in the full screen view underneath the slider image in the responsive views.

0 5 Pages & Posts

We will:

  • only wrap one text heading, the Page Title or Post Title, in an H1 tag, unless otherwise stated in the project requirements

0 6 Templates

We will:

  • name the theme and theme’s template folder based on the project name. The name can be changed if requested
  • add site logo or first letter of the site as favicon
  • replace the default screenshot to with one of the homepage
  • create a templates folder under the themes directory and create the requested template files there (example: templates/template-home.php
  • provide CSS for template files and:
    • single.php
    • page.php
    • 404.php
  • use the default responsiveness provided by Bootstrap or Foundation if specific design files are not provided for the responsive views

0 7 Plugins

We will include the following plugins on every site:

  • Google Sitekit.
  • Yoast SEO.
  • Password Protect.

We will include the following plugins if the functionality is required:

  • JetElements.
  • JetEngine.
  • All In One Migration.
  • Wordfence