How Eflat is Helping Frazers Hospitality Supplies with Digital Marketing and Website Growth

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Frazers Hospitality Supplies is a rapidly growing business in the restaurant supply and hospitality industry based out of Jamaica. To keep up with the demands of the evolving market, they have partnered with Eflat to help them develop their digital marketing.

Through this partnership, Eflat helps Frazers with their monthly content reviews, SEO optimization, promoting new opportunities through landing pages, and enhanced branding via social media, email, and print templates.

Moreover, Eflat provides team member onboarding support for easy access to resources.

Monthly Content Reviews

Eflat and Frazers meet monthly to review the content calendar and align it against business goals. This allows them to effectively manage their campaigns, identify new opportunities, make changes or updates as needed, and ensure that all content produced is consistent with the business’s overall objectives. In these meetings, both parties discuss existing campaigns and other areas where improvements can be made to maximize visibility and success.

Kanban board listing tasks for Eflat and Frazers team members.

SEO Optimization

In addition to having regular meetings about content reviews and strategies, Eflat also assists with developing new content for Frazers. Using keyword research and SEO-optimized copywriting techniques, such as using relevant keywords throughout blog posts or web pages helps increase visibility online.

With these practices in place, Frazers can be better represented online through search engine results or even attract more customers through organic searches by potential customers specifically looking for their services.

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Promoting New Opportunities

New business opportunities are handled through new landing pages on the website developed by Eflat in collaboration with Frazers Hospitality Supplies’ team members. These include product collections featuring items sold by specific vendors and promotions highlighting discounts or special occasions such as holidays or seasonal sales events.

These partnerships and promotions expose customers to different options, increasing their likelihood of purchasing from Frazers Hospitality Supplies versus those offered elsewhere.

Upcoming Marketing Initiatives

Eflat and Frazers Hospitality Supplies are looking ahead to the future and preparing for upcoming marketing initiatives. To reach the broadest possible Caribean audience, they plan to focus on two key marketing channels: social media postings and email newsletters.

Design templates in Adobe XD

Social Media Posting

The team plans to use all major social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn to spread the word about upcoming promotions and product offerings. Eflat’s content creation team will carefully craft content for these posts, focusing on quality visuals, effective messaging, and targeted audience segmentation. This will ensure that the right people see Frazers’ message at the right time.

Email Newsletter

Frazers have also partnered with Eflat to create an email newsletter that will be distributed regularly throughout their customer base. This newsletter will contain up-to-date information about the latest product collections, promotions, and interesting stories inside the company walls.

Providing informative content and an enjoyable user experience makes customers more likely to stay engaged with Frazers Hospitality Supplies long-term.

Team Member Onboarding

Ultimately, team member onboarding is a critical feature that ensures quick access to helpful resources and reinforces the digital marketing practices of Frazer’s staff and employees from other companies.

Eflat utilizes various onboarding strategies to ensure that everyone is up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends and understands how to use them. This includes providing tutorials, webinars, cheat sheets, and access to relevant content libraries. These tools help team members become familiar with Eflat’s services and ensure they know how to use them efficiently.


Eflat’s partnership with Frazers Hospitality Supplies has benefited both companies, helping Frazers gain visibility and a larger customer base while providing Eflat the opportunity to expand its services and develop new digital marketing strategies. They can get the most out of their collaboration through regular reviews, SEO optimization, promoting new opportunities, and upcoming marketing initiatives.

Ultimately, this partnership has been successful in helping Frazers Hospitality Supplies reach new heights in digital marketing and customer engagement. With Eflat’s help and guidance, Frazers is better equipped to compete in a crowded marketplace.

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