How To Protect Your Website From Hackers

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In the last month I’ve had several conversations with individuals who’ve had their WordPress sites hacked and the cost in time and money to restore their sites. Here are a few of the tips I provided to them so their misfortune does not happen to you. 

1. Invest in a WordPress security product such as Wordfence, or IThemes Security. Either one of these two solutions are plugins that can be installed using WordPress’ admin panel.

2. Use strong passwords; preferably created with a password manager.

3. Avoid using the default ‘admin’ username when creating WordPress accounts.

4. Keep your WordPress installation and plugins up to date. Hackers look for out of date software and use known vulnerabilities to gain entry into your site.

5. Backup, Backup, Backup your site through your WebHost, AND a third-party plugin like BackupBuddy.

Each of these tips exponentially improves your site’s security and performance. I know this from experience because they are the core of Eflat’s maintenance suite. 

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