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As the Covid19 lockdowns started taking effect in early March, the requests for Eflat. to put up closure notices on websites increased. We first thought about using Monarch to create pop-ups but decided against this approach. We wanted the alert to be visible, but not annoying and easy to update.

Instead, we found another solution.

Icegram is a plugin that creates different types of promotions – pop-up windows, alerts, and my favorite – announcement bars that live at the top of your site above the main navigation. Most client requests asked for a short message with a link to an information page. We customized each Icegram campaign using the built-in rich text editor to match each brand’s style. Finally, we configured each announcement to display on the home page, all pages, or a specific page.

Icegram is freemium, meaning it’s free to use, but advanced features and templates are a paid upgrade.

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