With the #1 battery brand in the world launching it's brand-new, most advanced Optimum coppertop product, its digital presence was set for a long awaited overhaul, heavily geared towards the long-lasting, extra power life of its new campaign. Crafted was excited and up for the challenge of bringing awareness to the evolving brand story through a more robust, product and program-focused North American digital platform.

Addressing all pain points, Crafted ultimately designed and developed a fast-loading, mobile-friendly, easy-to-use branded shopping experience with the story of Duracell at the forefront.

User Experience
SEO Optimization
Content Audit
Visual Design
Content Production
Brand Storytelling at the Core

Working closely with the Duracell digital marketing team, Crafted designed the new experience completely centered around the lifestyle of the brand and the impact of its products on the everyday consumer in their everyday life. From gaming to computing to home improvement, the benefits of the globally renowned coppertop hero were brought to life on campaign pages and in-depth product pages full of beauty shots, rich video content and a checkout system to choose your seller of preference.

From Products to Programs

Each page of the new duracell.com was meticulously designed to drive home the importance of having a reliable battery in your everyday devices. With the brand story baked throughout the pages, all signs pointed to product pages and "buy now" conversions.


Almost instantaneously, the overall number of checkout purchases from the newly enhanced, harder-working product pages across the over 100+ batteries were doubled. Purchase vendors included big box and digital stores: Amazon, Staples, Best Buy, Target and more.

Custom Imagery and Visual Language

As the revamped site took on a fresh new personality, a custom iconography language was designed to give users an intuitive product selector tool that could work from all devices and screen sizes. The classic Duracell product line was recreated through clean, beautiful graphics that represented the categories of devices powered up by the infamous coppertop brand.