Website Redesign

Zuk Online


Zuk’s once-innovative Flash website had stagnated and became a liability when studios weren’t able to view his work on modern web browsers.


Our designers whittled down the original design to focus on typography and imagery taken from Zuk’s portfolio. This approach places the focus on Zuk’s extensive body of work.

We built the new site to be responsive, and it no longer needs a plugin to view videos – fixing two longstanding complaints users shared with Zuk. With the user-facing site revamped we then focused on modernizing the content management system(cms).

The original cms created in 2006 supported video uploading, tagging, and gallery creation – areas all obsolete with cloud-based asset management tools. This setback allowed us to introduce a new workflow based on Vimeo embeds and custom WordPress post types.

The new system drastically reduces the time it takes Zuk to update new portfolio pieces and allowing video producers and directors to keep up to date with his work.