September 28, 2022


Dreamer, the signature brand of renowned music artist J. Cole, specializes in unique sports athletic clothing – particularly jerseys created from his partnership with Mitchell & Ness that feature cities he’s toured! Eflat was fortunate enough to be tasked with launching a hub for fans to purchase this limited edition apparel run quickly and easily.


Responsive Web Design Development

Responsive Mobile Design

To ensure that Dreamer is accessible to shoppers across all devices, we designed it with responsive capability. This way, our customers can effortlessly purchase jerseys through their phones or tablets without encountering any technical difficulties!

Final Conclusion

Final Conclusion

In conclusion, Dreamer has been hugely successful in its mission to provide exclusive sports gear to fans of J. Cole and anyone else who is interested! Through our design and marketing efforts, the brand now reaches an even wider audience, enabling them to create a sense of community and belonging not just for their fans but for everyone. Dreamer is truly a tribute to J. Cole’s unwavering dedication to his craft, and we are proud to have been part of its journey.

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