All Boro Expediter


September 28, 2022 

All Boro Expediter

Eflat helped Valerie Samuel to give her company, All Boro Expediter, a makeover. The new logo is reflective of the values of the firm: being prompt and reliable with service while also having a modern edge.


Design and

Web Development

We used WordPress + Elementor for the All Boro Expediter redesign since Valerie wanted more control over the content on her website. Once the design was complete, we transferred all of her existing content over to the new website to maintain consistency throughout. The result is a sleek, modern website that accurately represents All Boro Expediter’s brand and values.

In addition, we set up SEO optimization tools to help All Boro Expediter rank higher in search engines.

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Responsive Mobile Design

We designed the All Boro Expediter website to be responsive and easily viewable on mobile devices. This ensures that potential customers can get in touch with Valerie anytime, no matter where they are or their device.


Post Launch

The results of the Eflat-designed website redesign gave Valerie’s business, All Boro Expediter, an improved position in a competitive marketplace. Not only does the site reflect the brand and values of All Boro Expediter but, with Eflat’s help, it achieved higher search engine ranking so potential customers are more likely to find her online.