September 19, 2021
CB Emmanuel Website Redesign

The Squarespace website that CB Emmanuel Realty needed to redesign was in desperate need of an update.

After we identified all the URLs that needed to be created, our team of developers developed a sitemap and template list. The next step was creating wireframes for how these pages would look on mobile devices as well as desktop browsers with tablet support in mind so they can easily adapt depending on who's viewing them! This process involved working closely together not only between ourselves but also communicating through conversations between CB Emmanuel staff members about photoshoots they'd like us to use during development--it really helped bring everything together smoothly

Key Features:
The CB Emmanuel site utilizes high-quality drone footage and a horizontal timeline showcasing the company's heritage. The gallery can be loaded with lazy loading, which means quicker loading of the high-resolution images of the dozens of properties being showcased.



User Experience
Content Audit
Visual Design
Content Production