CB Emmanuel


June 15, 2021

CB Emmanuel

CB Emmanuel, a real estate development company with 16+ years of specialized experience in areas such as finance, construction management, architecture, urban planning and property management consulting services has come to Eflat for assistance creating an updated portfolio website. This site will not only showcase the various developments but also provide more detailed information of potential partnerships that have affordable housing opportunities so transitioning communities can be included!


UI/UX Design

Website Design & Development

Eflat was more than happy to help develop this new website – taking into account the most modern web design trends while also making sure it complied with the same web accessibility standards. Through careful strategizing and collaboration, we were able to create a web presence that showcased CB Emmanuel’s developments in a modern fashion.


Final Conclusion

The end result was a website that provided an intuitive user experience and highlighted the projects of CB Emmanuel in an impressive way! We believe this new website will help propel CB Emmanuel even further in the real estate development industry as they take advantage of web design to truly stand out.