Cool Culture


September 28, 2022

Cool Culture Website Redesign

Cool Culture partners with over 450 schools and early childhood programs annually to provide 50,000 historically marginalized families and young children with free, unlimited admission to its network of 90 museums, historical societies, zoos, and botanical gardens. 

As a WordPress Agency, Eflat designed the website from the ground up in Adobe XD and then sliced the many templates into HTML5 and CSS for approval.

The goal of this website was to help people get into the great programs from Cool Culture with dynamic content and clear calls to action.


Branding, Strategy

To create a strong foundation, start with a brand book.


High Fidelity Wireframing

Wireframing the Cool Culture website had many benefits for our designers and end users, including increased collaboration, improved communication, and better usability.


Website Design and Development

To better serve their growing audience and partner network, Cool Culture chose to work with Eflat as their web development agency which was experienced in designing user-friendly, interactive website redesigns.

After a thorough review of their current site and an in-depth discussion of their needs, we recommended a full redesign focusing on creating an improved user experience and making information easily accessible to visitors and partners.


Mobile First Development

The unique texture effects on the website initially presented scaling issues on mobile, but with some clever CSS, we could translate the new designs on mobile without compromise.

The approach paid off as 73% of website traffic since launch has come from mobile devices.


Final Conclusion

The redesign was a huge success and quickly became one of Cool Culture’s most important tools for reaching its audiences. We made the website more user-friendly and incorporated new interactive features that allowed visitors to easily access information on the museums they are interested in visiting.

In addition, our redesign helped Cool Culture better manage its growing network of partners and streamline the application process for new organizations.