Integritas Wellness & Recovery


September 28, 2022

Integritas Wellness

Carolyn Solo LCSW, due to expanding her practice, needed to rebrand as Integritas Wellness & Recovery, and update the website to reflect this new focus.

We helped her develop a logo that stood out and conveyed her values and designed the new website to be modern, fresh, and responsive.

We Started With a Rebrand

To rebrand as Integritas Wellness & Recovery, we first worked with Carolyn to create a new logo that would better reflect her values and vision.

The old logo reflected a single-person practice, while Integritas encompasses a team of compassionate specialists working together to help clients overcome trauma and other mental health issues.

The new logo is bold, modern, and clean, with a bright color scheme that conveys Carolyn’s passion and commitment to her work.


Design and

We Created a Mix of Page Templates

We designed the new Integritas website, incorporating all the branding elements developed in the logo design process. The website is modern and responsive, with a clean layout and intuitive navigation to make it easy for clients to find information.

The site uses a mix of educational, sales, and service page templates, with various design options to help clients connect with Carolyn and the rest of the Integritas team. This new website perfectly reflects Carolyn’s vision for her practice and has helped her attract more clients and grow her practice.​

We also worked with Carolyn on content development, helping her create engaging copy highlighting her unique approach and areas of expertise.


Mobile First Design

In addition to our other design and development best practices, we also took a mobile-first approach to the Integritas website. We designed and developed the site with mobile users in mind first, ensuring it looks great and functions well on all devices.

We used responsive design techniques and optimized the content for speed and performance to ensure a fast and smooth user experience.

Social Media

Instagram Templates

We created a set of Instagram templates to help Integritas promote its practice on popular social media platforms. The templates are easy to use and customizable in Canva, making it simple for Integritas to create and share professional-looking posts.


Post Launch

We are committed to providing ongoing support for Integritas Wellness post-launch and provide regular updates on website traffic, user engagement metrics, and other key performance indicators to the team.

We began an SEO campaign and content creation to ensure the site continues to rank well in organic search results.

Looking ahead, we will continue to work with Carolyn Solo, LCSW, as she grows her practice and looks for new opportunities to expand her reach and help more clients. We are proud of our partnership with Integritas Wellness & Recovery and look forward to further collaboration in the future.​