New Life


September 28, 2022

New Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The New Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church, located in Brooklyn, NY desired to refresh its brand and create a website for current and new members.

We crafted an updated site that displays compelling visuals while serving as the primary source of information concerning all ministries and food pantry details.

With the addition of live streaming capabilities, both younger & older churchgoers can view & listen to sermons even when unable to physically attend worship services.



Logo Design and Brand Identity

We were excited to provide a brand identity for their ministries. With guidance from the team, we developed a logo that incorporated gold and blue colors alongside an image of a cross – precisely what they requested!

We further pleased them by providing various options for incorporating this new design into their business initiatives.

Ultimately, our hard work paid off as the client was ecstatic with the results, allowing us to be proud of being part of such an amazing project.


We Started With Wireframes

A wireframe is a schematic or blueprint that is useful for helping you, your programmers, and designers think and communicate about the structure of the software or website you’re building.

The designs you receive are called wireframes (sometimes called wires, mockups, or mocks).

Design and

Page Templates

 We aimed to combine aesthetics and practicality, ensuring visitors have the best experience possible when browsing the New Life website.

Our modern design emphasizes easy navigation, intuitive menus, and a mobile-friendly interface that lets you access all of our content, no matter your device.


Responsive Mobile Design

In this day and age, mobile sites are becoming more prominent than desktop sites – so it was vital that New Life’s site is responsive to ensure users have an exceptional experience whether they’re using their phones or tablets.


Final Conclusion

The unique texture effects on the website presented initially presented scaling issues on mobile, but with some clever CSS, we were able to translate the new designs on mobile without compromises. The approach paid off as 73% of website traffic since launch has come from mobile devices.