Richardson Seventh-Day
Adventist Church


September 28, 2022

Richardson Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Nowadays, most people decide online- even what church they will attend. With that in mind, a church’s website has taken the place of its physical front doors. Realizing how important an online presence is (especially when attempting to attract millennials), Pastor Hayes and his team approached Eflat for help with creating a logo, building their website, and making potential attendees aware of the church post-Covid.

First We Created Branding

Our team collaborated with Richardson Seventh-Day Adventist Church (RSDAC) to design a logo, update their website, and establish a brand identity that could effectively communicate all that the organization did in Richardson, TX.


Social Media

We Created Templates for Instagram and Facebook

The Richardson Seventh Day Adventist church used inconsistent social media templates. They wanted to streamline their digital content strategy, so they came to us for help.

We created templates specifically designed for Instagram and Facebook, which helped the church ensure that all of its content looked cohesive and professional across both platforms. With our templates in place, the church was able to create great-looking social media posts quickly and easily


Wireframing allowed us to explore various concepts efficiently

RSDAC wanted a website that would be unique from other churches and was willing to invest in a robust concepting process. As a result, we explored various concepts efficiently with wireframing and other design tools. This allowed us to arrive at different options regarding the navigation structure, content arrangement, and overall layout.​

Design and

We Designed More Than Twenty Page Templates For This Project

Once we locked down the UX and the homepage template, we proceeded to design the rest of the pages required for this project. The goal was to create a website that would not look like any other church’s website. We designed more than 20 templates across 5 sections of the site, including Leadership, Events, Ministries & Programs, Giving, and Resources.


Responsive Mobile Design

In addition to exploring different concepts for the website, we also focused on responsive design. The website had to look great and function well on all devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. We used the latest front-end technologies and best practices for responsive web design to create a modern and intuitive interface that looks great and works well on any device.​

Overall, the result is a website reflecting RSDAC’s mission and vision, allowing them to reach out to their community and connect with new members.


50% Increase in Click Through Rates

We are pleased to report that since the launch of the new RSDAC website, click-through rates from search engines have increased by 50%, compared to pre-launch levels. This is a direct result of our focused optimization strategies and ongoing efforts to improve the website’s content and structure.