Shinda Management


March 1, 2022

Shinda Management

With more than four decades of experience in property management, Shinda Property Management has been revolutionizing project management all throughout the tri-state area of NY. Equipped with a range of tools and services, they bring order to chaos while helping each property make it big. To enhance their newfound brand logo further, Eflat created an inviting website that resonates with the brand colors and values synonymous with this family business – catering to both tenants as well as managers alike!


Social Media

We Created Templates for Instagram and Facebook

By utilizing Canva, Eflat was able to craft custom-made social media templates for Shinda Property Management that have allowed them to maximize their brand presence and take it up a notch. Now there’s no stopping them from achieving success! Experience the power of Shinda today with the assistance of Canva!


Wireframing & UX

Get motivated for your projects by exploring their wireframes and designs! With high-quality frame structures like these, you can be confident that the design is reliable and ready to go. It’s essential to create a wireframe before beginning the designing process; this allows programmers and designers from different departments to think about structuring as well as communicate with each other more efficiently. This helps us produce an attractive yet smart design featuring important information placed on top of the page for enhanced visibility.

Design and

Templates For Every Touchpoint

To ensure Shinda is well-equipped to grow, we included a variety of template pages that can be altered with minimal effort and time. If you choose for updates to happen in-house, our how-to videos provide comprehensive instructions so clients have an easy transition. Additionally, the website features Career and History pages which contain slideshows highlighting the company’s timeline as well as Leadership profiles featuring each team member – all things that contribute towards making this site amazing!


Mobile First Design

Shinda’s mobile design enabled tenants to conveniently pay their rent and potential clients to effortlessly identify possible rentals. It served as a unified hub, where users were able to obtain the specifics they required with ease.


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, Shinda Property Management’s website is a cutting-edge tool in property management. By providing an innovative web design, Eflat was able to develop an interactive and user-friendly website for the benefit of their clients. With the help of Canva, they are now in a better position to network and reach out to potential clients in the tri-state area, resulting in a boost in their profits.