The Reset Conference


June 6, 2022

The Reset Conference

The Reset Conference aims to empower women and realize their full potential. To achieve this they’ve hired Eflat, to do web design and social media designs.

Eflat was asked to build a website presence that will help them reach their audience innovatively and effectively. With Eflat’s help, The Reset Conference is poised to make a big impact.


Social Media

Facebook & Instagram Templates

Eflat created Instagram and Facebook templates for The Reset Conference. The conference wants to engage potential attendees through social media, and Eflat is helping them make a strong impression in the digital space.

With these templates, The Reset Conference will be able to reach their target audience in a creative and impactful way, creating an exciting buzz on each platform.

and Design

We Started With Wireframes

Our process began with wireframes — ensuring the most pertinent information was placed on the homepage, and what should be seen before users scroll down.

Subpages were designed for more detailed info, while call-to-action buttons made purchasing tickets simple; directing visitors to the event location and days of its occurrence.


Responsive Mobile Design

The website is responsive and allows users to view as well as purchase tickets on the go from their mobile phone or even tablet. This allows more potential sign-ups.


Final Conclusion

In conclusion, Eflat’s wireframe design and social media templates have given The Reset Conference a unique edge in the digital space.

With its help, The Reset Conference can reach their target audience effectively and innovatively and create a lasting impression.

It’s time to reset the status quo!