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Since our inception, Eflat has assisted schools and educators in boosting their outreach efforts and serving their local communities. Our web design services are designed around increasing enrollments and engaging alumni.

Please find out more about how our school website design services can assist you in achieving your goals.

Custom Websites Tell a Better Story

One of the most important things you can do as a school is to deliver clear messaging to your audiences. Misunderstanding your work and your school’s impact often leads to low engagement from parents and staff.

Schools may use websites to tell their story through dynamic content such as video, interactive impact numbers and charts, striking photos, and more. 

Eflat specializes in school website design to help organizations deliver their message clearly and effectively.

Back to All Works Client Cool Culture Date September 28, 2022 Visit Website Cool Culture Website Redesign Cool Culture partners with over 450 schools and early childhood programs annually to provide 50,000 historically marginalized families and young children with free, unlimited admission to its network of 90 museums, historical societies, zoos, and botanical gardens.  As...

Custom School Web Design Features

We build custom websites for schools that want to achieve their goals of improving learning outcomes.

school website design

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