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Web Design

Web design, more specifically a custom WordPress web design is our specialty. We’ll partner with you whether you need to re-platform from Squarespace, launch your direct-to-consumer store, or something else entirely.

Today’s websites are more than a just copy and paste of your sales brochure. Your customers demand the convenience of eCommerce, paying a bill, or booking a service – if you don’t allow these experiences they will go elsewhere.

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Design Services

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s more important than ever to have a strong brand that customers can identify and connect with. At Eflat, we understand the importance of building a brand with meaning, simplicity, and professionalism.

We work closely with our clients to increase business awareness, connect with their target market, ensure memorability, and convey their offers in a way that stands out from the rest.

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What Sets Us Apart

Web Design

Custom themes are more than just a way to make your website look good – they’re also the key for making it easy and quick-loading. With so many template sites on the internet, visitors these days want their experience with your site both aesthetically pleasing as well user friendly!

We use our expertise to anticipate your needs and provide you with solutions before it becomes an issue.

Every Eflat WordPress site design and development project comes with a mobile responsive plan, so your website quickly reacts to any device. Your website will look good on an Android phone or iPhone no matter what platform you choose!

We’re big believers in cloud-based tools because it lets us collaborate internally with our partners in real-time. Great things happen when the team can bounce ideas off each other, even hundreds of miles apart.

We created training videos so you will know where and how to begin once your site is launched. We have created them for those of us that are just starting out and need some guidance on what needs to be done first!


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