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Sometimes big insights come in small sizes and this was the case with Austin Kleon’s book Show Your Work.

Show Your Work is a manifesto for aspiring creatives to start sharing your process, inspirations, and of course your work even if it not perfect. It’s a short book that’s filled with full-page illustrations and photos so it can be completed in a couple of hours. Each chapter deals with a specific theme:

  • You don’t have to be a genius.
  • Think process, not product.
  • Share something small every day.
  • Open up your cabinet of curiosities.
  • Tell good stories.
  • Teach what you know.
  • Don’t turn into human spam.
  • Learn to take a punch.
  • Sell out.
  • Stick around.

It’s a philosophy that resonates with me as an agile development practitioner that preaches constant iteration.

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