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There’s no need to get another certification just to build your website.

We work daily with therapists to deliver move the needed experiences that deliver results. 

Establish authentic connections

Your therapy website provides an opportunity to connect with potential clients on a deeper level. Through engaging and informative content, you can communicate your values, approach, and empathy, helping individuals feel understood and comfortable seeking your services.

Attract the right clients

By showcasing your specialties, treatment approaches, and areas of expertise, you can attract clients who align with your practice philosophy.

Showcase your expertise and professionalism

A professional website allows you to highlight your qualifications, experience, certifications, and any specialized training you have. This helps build trust and credibility with potential clients, demonstrating that you are a knowledgeable and skilled therapist.

Manage your practice efficiently

With a dedicated therapy website, you can streamline various aspects of your practice. You can provide online forms for new client intake, automate appointment scheduling, and even offer teletherapy options. These features save time and allow you to focus more on providing quality care to your clients.

Recent Projects

At Eflat, we offer both custom and semi-custom website design options to suit your specific needs.

With our custom design option, we work closely with you to create a fully-custom, utterly unique website that stands out from the crowd. Plus, we provide you with done-for-you website content, so you can focus on what you do best — serving your clients.

For a more budget-friendly option, we also offer semi-custom website design with ongoing support and no set up fees.

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What's Included

These website benefits can help therapists save time and money by entrusting their web design needs to professionals while ensuring a consistent and cohesive brand image across all digital platforms.

Clear, Well-Structured Navigation: Ensure that your website has an intuitive navigation menu that allows visitors to easily find the information they are looking for.

A Clear Message on Your Home Page: Communicate your therapy services and unique value proposition clearly on your homepage to grab visitors' attention.

About Page with a Bio and Headshot: Create an engaging "About" page that tells your story, credentials, and includes a professional headshot to build trust with potential clients.

SSL Certificate of Security: Ensure that your website has an SSL certificate to protect client privacy and provide a secure browsing experience.

Testimonials and Reviews: Showcase positive testimonials and reviews from satisfied clients to build social proof and credibility.

Online Appointment Booking: Offer the convenience of online appointment booking, allowing potential clients to schedule sessions directly through your website.

Contact Information Persistently On Every Page: Display your contact information prominently on every page of your website to make it easy for potential clients to reach out.

An Easy-To-Find Contact Form or 'Call To Action': Include a visible contact form or call-to-action button on your website, encouraging visitors to take the next step in contacting you.

Your Approach, Philosophy, and Therapeutic Techniques: Clearly explain your therapeutic approach, philosophy, and the techniques you use to help clients achieve their goals.

Mobile-Friendly Design: Optimize your website for mobile devices so potential clients can easily navigate and access your content on their smartphones or tablets.

Blog or Resource Section: Maintain a blog or resource section where you can share valuable insights, tips, and resources related to therapy to position yourself as an industry expert.

Integration with Social Media Platforms: Connect your website with your social media profiles to expand your reach and engage with clients on multiple platforms.

You’re Ready For a Brand New Website

Your therapy practice is thriving, but imagine what it could be like with a website that attracts the right clients, connects with people in a genuine way, showcases your expertise and professionalism, and turns casual visitors into new clients.

With a custom or semi-custom website from our web design agency, you can achieve all of this and more – without sacrificing your precious time or taking away from your existing client load. Imagine being able to run your business as usual, while your website works to grow your client base and increase your revenue.

Don’t let your online presence hold you back from reaching your full potential. Let us help you create a website that reflects your values and connects with your audience on a deeper level. With our expertise, we’ll help you take your therapy practice to new heights while still having time to enjoy life outside of work.


Creative Design

Enjoy a high level of personalization and attention to detail for all your design needs

Mobile First

We are experts in web development and can have your website up and running in less than two weeks


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Frequently Asked Questions

We have an in-depth library of frequently asked questions (FAQs). Eflat is a fair-priced web design firm that has been instrumental in helping start-ups and small businesses bring their vision to reality.

A semi-custom website using one of our design packages starts at $3000 dollars!

Custom-designed websites using our website process starts at $8500.

Yes, we will maintain your site for you. We’ll ensure that it is always up-to-date and functioning properly, so you can focus on the other aspects of your business.

We offer training videos and personal support to help you get the most out of your site.

We’ll take care of any questions, so don’t hesitate to ask!

Our payment process is easy, secure, and transparent. You can choose to pay with our checkout page, or you can opt for a wired transaction.

Once we send you an invoice, simply select your preferred payment method and follow the instructions.

No, we can create any website. We have designers, developers and marketers working here, ready to take on any project you may have.

At our web development agency, we specialize in creating WordPress websites for our clients. Whether you need a fully-featured eCommerce platform or just a simple business website, we work with you.

The following five pages come standard with all packages:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • Blog/News
  • Contact

The time required to complete a website redesign can vary depending on several factors, including the size and complexity of your current site and the amount of content that needs to be transferred over.

Generally, most website redesigns are completed in about two months or less.

However, if you have a very large and complex site with a large amount of content and functionality, it may take up to six months or longer to complete the redesign.


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At Eflat, we understand that your website is a critical part of your business. That's why we take the time to learn about your business and create a website proposal outlining our plan for your site. We'll work with you to determine your goals and objectives, and then we'll develop a website that meets your needs.

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